Entrepreneurship Summit
20 March 2019
at the CADRAN in Liège

the summit ? WTF ?!

What’s it about ?

The second Student Entrepreneurship Summit is taking place at the Cadran in Liege. Its aim is to provide inspiration and a boost to national and international student entrepreneurs.
With the backing of the Euregio, Feder and Amway, VentureLab and its 18 fellow-organisers wanted to work together to present a full programme for a day of inspiring encounters and events to businesses, the academic world, investors and students.
The Student Entrepreneurship Summit is a unique opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs and to understand what inspires them... but that’s not the whole story ...
The Student Entrepreneurship Summit is also an opportunity to identify new opportunities and to meet a panel of entrepreneurs who have the GNIAC* !

*GNIAC : a character trait which inspires and can be very contagious

When ?


Where ?

in Liège
Be inspiring
Boost startups
Create connections
Identify opportunities

What the community says about it


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