Inspirational Conference

From 7 p.m. at the Théâtre de Liège

Startup ! Entrepreneur ! Young entrepreneur ! These are words that inspire a lot of people worldwide, earlier and earlier on in their careers. And yet ! Do these Startups have any impact? Do they really bring economic value in a sustainable way?

It’s more than a crisis: the world is changing. We are at the dawn of a new era. All the major models (whether economic, social or environmental) that have underpinned the development of our societies must be re-invented. If a Student Start-Up is a source of change, if it is ready to break the codes and rebuild them, how can young people still dream of “Start-UP” while offering real answers to societal issues?

How can incubators be part of a social project and not just be a societal fad? What is their role in making Start-UPs aware of the challenges and issues of our Society and of the global impact of their company while preserving their entrepreneurial freedom (the foundation of the creation of true entrepreneurs)?
Nicolas Menet
Co-Auteur du Livre "Startup, arrêtons la mascarade" - Edition DUNOD
Directeur général de Silver Valley.
Diplômé en Sciences humaines et en Gestion publique, sociologue et conférencier, il a fondé le cabinet de conseil en innovation Adjuvance en 2006. Depuis 2017, il est directeur général de l’écosystème d’innovation francilien, Silver Valley.
Jacques Crahay
Présidence de l’Union wallonne des Entreprises
Urbain Ortmans
Directeur - Védia Coach en développement personnel
Erika Tachéova
Étudiante Entrepreneure Fondatrice de KAPIA
Sophie Joris

Directrice du VentureLab

Edition Dunod