The Entrepreneur Summit is the ideal meeting point between current and future entrepreneurs, from here and elsewhere, to enhance their projects through unprecedented exchanges.


From Sunday March 29 to Wednesday April 1st 2020

The best way to predict the future is to create it

7 highlights.  + 1000 participants.
+ 10 000 € in prize money

Are you a student entrepreneur looking for new perspectives for your project? Do you want to open up your field of possibilities? The Summit is the flagship event for entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.  Over this three-day period, discover practical ways to give your ideas a boost.  It is also an ideal opportunity for inspiration, a chance to take the pulse of entrepreneurial trends that will lay the foundations for a more just and sustainable future.

A legendary course, a unique experience in the entrepreneurial world. Students Entrepreneurs from Belgium and elsewhere, 10 companies based in Liege will open their doors so you can hone your entrepreneurial skills by taking 10 tough challenges. An unprecedented opportunity to get to the heart of businesses and meet potential strategic partners. Daring, creativity and flexibility will be required.

Will you meet the challenge?

A total of 10,000€ is at stake + 280 promising B2B meetings

Are you a student entrepreneur who wants to give your project a real boost? During this intensive coaching day, get the benefit of an experienced entrepreneur’s advice. A dream opportunity to work with them on your project, get some distance and together draw up the next steps for your business.

One day. A personalized coaching with an experienced entrepreneur.

Meeting and listening to their customers is a crucial step for all entrepreneurs. Start-ups from Belgium or elsewhere can test potential sales and give visitors a unique experience: an exclusive chance to explore your products. It is an unbeatable opportunity to highlight your inventiveness, skill and know-how.

Exhibit, meet, experiment!
Twenty stands. + 1000s of visitors. A stage.

« Cash is king » is not an empty phrase, and accessing the funding you need to create your own company is a decisive step. Start-ups from Belgium and elsewhere, do you want to bring your ideas to life, watch them grow, make them long term? Come and convince the investors who will be there to listen to you. Present your project to them, show them your boldness and resourcefulness, and prove your capacity to build the future.

1 hall.  50 investors.  15 projects

Alone you move faster, but together we climb higher. B2B meetings are flagship events between experts, entrepreneurs, researchers and student entrepreneurs. During these 20-minute speed dating sessions, meet them, get the benefit of the expertise of this panel of various actors, and develop business opportunities which will put your project on course forever.

200 professionals and entrepreneurs. 200 matching opportunities .
As many networking opportunities

1000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and academics reinvent entrepreneurship to create the future. Guided by the new entrepreneurial generation and by two high-profile speakers, this interactive conference shakes up ideas in business and its foundations. A visionary evening filled with truth and courage.

Discover, share, perfect, and transform together are the key words of the day. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a change agent, a researcher, student or visitor, dare to reach the heights and reinvent the future. Build your own programme and participate in these short, dynamic presentations which promise a 360 ° view on business trends which aim to be fairer and more sustainable.

5 hours. 15 mini-conferences. 10 workshops. 25 inspiring speakers



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From 29 March to 1 April 2020

At Liege, address to be chosen soon

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